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NLD and Neurological Disease
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This site is designed to explain my perspectives regarding the syndrome of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLD) and related matters.  I felt it well to do so for the following reasons:

(1)  I have encountered some misinformation with respect to my views about NLD.  So, I decided it would be well to set the record straight.
(2)  I am often asked about literature regarding NLD.  So, another purpose of this site is to provide references to such work.
(3)  There are a number of questions about NLD that are posed to me quite often.  The Questions and Answers section of the site provides some responses to these queries.

History.  This website was initiated in May, 2005. Since then, additions and modifications have appeared.  The most recent of these are flagged with "updated" (in red).
Acknowledgements.  There have been many who have contributed to this website.  Principal among them is Marilyn Chedour, who has provided invaluable editing and substantive advice.  Bilal Itani constructed the site and still, with his son Muhammad, manages it.  My colleagues in neuropsychology who have offered advice are too numerous to mention.  Specific content provided by them is acknowledged at various places in the text of the site.  This is a collegial effort.  That said, I take full responsibility for any errors or shortcomings that may remain in it.

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